More About Us - Rosemary Nursery School

Partnership is the heart of our work. We are strongly rooted in our community. Parents tell us they see the Nursery as the neighbourhood ‘hub’ and for some  it provides  a way in to British society.
Our families bring a wealth of experiences to the Nursery and our aim is always to be open to learning from each other. As well as sharing professional knowledge, staff share local knowledge through workshops and family outings.

Parents share cultural knowledge through these opportunities and by sharing songs, stories and approaches to play and parenting. Relationships with parents are important to us and we are committed to keeping  the children’s best interests  at the heart of everything we do.

We are proud to be part of the most diverse community in the south-west of England. We respect each person’s unique background and try to make sure that everyone’s contribution is equally listened to and valued.

To find out more, please browse this website or ask in our Reception office for a copy of our welcome booklet.