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Advice for families regarding Covid 19 Delta Variant 


The Central Children's Centre team offer Family Support Services to families with children under 5 living in the household. We have circulated some posters of groups and courses they are currently offering.  They also offer specific 1:1 services which families can be referred to, this could be through Home visits and family support meetings and the use of music to enhance language development and creative arts to support wellbeing.
If you wish to know more about these services, please arrange to meet with Ian who can share more information and make a referral.


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Full Circle Project - Parenting meet ups and guest speakers in St Pauls




Early Communication information for parents 

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Dates for Diaries


2021 - 2022

  • Term 1 Thursday 2 September 2021 to Friday 22 October 2021
  • Term 2 Monday 1 November 2021 to Friday 17 December 2021
  • Term 3 Tuesday 4 January 2022 to Friday 18 February 2022
  • Term 4 Monday 28th February 2022 to Friday 8th April 2022
  • Term 5 Monday 25 April 2022 to Friday 27 May 2022
  • Term 6 Monday 6 June 2022 to Thursday 21 July 2022