The Key Person
For many children, starting nursery is their first experience of separation from their parent or carer. We know that children need consistent adults in their lives to develop trust and a sense of security. We aim to provide this through our Key Person approach.

In Early Years 1, children are in key groups of up to 5 children, with a familiar ‘key person’.
In Early Years 2, children are in key groups of up to 12 children, with a familiar ‘key person’.

As far as possible, children stay with the same ‘key person’ for at least a year

The key person plans next steps in learning for their group as a whole and for each child within the group. These are based on observations of children’s play and conversations with parents about what the children are learning at home. In this way, we ensure each child is constantly held in mind.

We document children’s learning in photographs, film, words and stories and through samples of their mark-making. In Early Years 2, staff meet together briefly at the end of every day to reflect on what the children have learnt that day, and to plan new learning opportunities for the next day.

In Early Years 1, staff meet together for a longer time once per week.
For more information about how we plan for learning, please read our Assessment , Teaching and Learning and Inclusion policies.

Our daily routine provides a rhythm that helps children feel secure. It supports children’s social, communication and cognitive skills by providing meaningful opportunities for speaking, listening   and discovering. Children spend time in small and large groups, working one-to-one  with an adult and playing alongside one another.

Children develop mathematical skills by preparing snack trays for their friends