At Rosemary, we recognise that children and adults may face all sorts of barriers to inclusion and we work together, using our imagination and whatever resources we have,  to overcome these. For example, we have a spoken newsletter twice a week to support parents who do not speak or read English easily and we have made alterations to our building to improve access for wheelchair-users and buggies. For more information, please read our Inclusion Policy.

Many children need extra support in one or more areas of development at some time in their school lives. Research shows that offering additional support as early as possible gives children the best chance of success. We work together with parents and other experts to do this.

Many young children have a delay in language and communication development. Our language screen, at age 2 and age 3, helps us spot delays and disorders. At the home visit, before a child starts in nursery, we complete the first part of this process with parents.

We offer a few children who are struggling with particular emotional issues one-to-one weekly therapeutic play sessions with our qualified practitioner. This is done following in-depth consultation with parents.

Our key persons discuss each child in their group with the Inclusion Leader every term. This is one of the systems we use to ensure no child’s needs are missed.

We work with a range of professionals who visit the nursery to support children, parents and staff. These include; speech and language therapists, health visitors, social care workers, educational psychologists, community paediatricians, health visitors, infant mental health workers, physiotherapists, autism and hearing impairment specialists.

Parents are encouraged to speak to their key person or our Inclusion Leader if they are concerned about any aspect of their child’s progress in learning and development.