Our Learning

How Do We Plan For Children's Learning?

We use the children’s interests as a starting point to plan for next steps in learning.  You can help with this by telling us about your child’s interests at home.

Staff meet together at the end of each day to share their observations of children’s learning and to plan new opportunities for the following day.

We use the national framework The Early Years Foundation Stage and the key concepts of Well-Being and Involvement to plan for, and assess, children’s progress in learning and development.

We believe that children learn effectively by: playing and exploring; active learning; creating and thinking critically.

We encourage children and each other to ‘have a go’ and not be afraid to make mistakes; to get deeply involved and not to give up easily, to make links between their learning at home and in the nursery.

We know that children learn best through play. Play is the way they make sense of their experiences, develop early literacy and maths skills, and learn to get along with others. 

We place particular emphasis on children’s emotional well-being, involvement in learning, personal and social development, communication and language skills, creativity, physical development and early mathematical development. 

Our curriculum is tailored to the individual needs of each child and family; features such as Forest School, Creative Provocations, Food Exploring, Core Books and Storytelling respond to children’s fascinations, as well as their needs.

Most importantly, we encourage our children and each other to celebrate and love learning and  to share in new learning every day.