What Is Special About Being A Maintained Nursery School?

We are proud to be one of only 389 Maintained Nursery Schools left in England. (There were more than 600 but government funding cuts have forced many to close.)


What is special about being a Nursery School?

Maintained Nursery Schools are different to other early education and childcare providers because:


  • We are led by a head teacher and employ qualified teachers to lead the curriculum, just like schools in other phases
  • Like primary and secondary schools, our special needs and disabilities co-ordinator (SENDCo or Inclusion Leader) must be a teacher. 
  • We are inspected by Ofsted in exactly the same way as primary and secondary schools. (Other nursery providers are not).
  • Our early years practitioners are highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals. (At Rosemary, many of our team have graduate level qualifications.)
  • We keep parents and families at the heart of our work, knowing that the Home Learning Environment has a huge impact on children’s achievement and recognising that parents are children’s most important educators.
  • integrate education, care and health services for children, so that all aspects of a child’s development can be supported.
  • We share our expertise with other early education and childcare providers, so that all children in the local community benefit.
  • We give priority in our admissions to vulnerable children and have the skills and expertise to support them successfully.
  • We support a high number of children with SEND and share our expertise in early identification and intervention with other settings.

To find out more about  maintained nursery schools in the UK :www.early-education.org.uk